Deli Seafood Sundries

Squid Tubes p/​kg
$17.99 per kg
Smoked Rainbow Trout p/​kg
$40.99 per kg
Smoked Cod p/​kg
$18.00 per kg
Prawn Cutlets p/​kg
$56.99 per kg
Portarlington Mussels 1kg
$12.99 per kg
Oysters - Dozen
$22.99 each $22.99 per 100 units
Ocean Blue Smoked Salmon 100g
$7.50 each $75.00 per kg
Ocean Blue Smoked Ocean Trout 100g
was $8.50 $7.50 each $75.00 per kg
Ling p/​kg
$58.99 per kg
Holland House Red Caviar 50g
$6.01 each $120.20 per kg
Holland House Black Caviar 50g
$6.01 each $120.20 per kg
Flathead Fillet Skinless & Boneless p/​kg
$70.99 per kg
Flake p/​kg
$53.99 per kg
Deli - Blue Grenadier P/​Kg
$29.99 per kg
Australian Salmon Fillet Skin On p/​kg
$53.99 per kg
Atlantic Salmon Fillet Skinned & Boned p/​kg
$55.99 per kg
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