Ryans Made Fresh Instore Made

BBQ Chicken Wrap 200g
$7.00 each
Deli - Salad Sensation Graze Box
$50.00 per kg
Deli - Weekend Entert Graze Box
$66.00 per kg
Garlic Chicken Wrap 185g
$7.00 each
Greek Chicken Salad Bowl 250g
$7.00 each $28.00 per kg
Ham Wrap 250g
$7.00 each
Mexican Chicken Wrap 250g
$7.00 each
Mexican Chipotle Chicken 350g
$7.99 each $22.83 per kg
Pesto Chicken Pasta Salad 335g
$7.00 each $20.89 per kg
Roast Beef Wrap 190g
$7.00 each
Salmon Poke Bowl 370g
$7.00 each $18.92 per kg
Thai Beef Noodle Salad 275g
$7.00 each $25.45 per kg
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