Household Cleaning

Black & Gold Dustpan & Brush Set
$2.70 each
Dishmatic Scrubbee
$3.15 each
Black & Gold Heavy Duty Bucket 12lt
$4.00 each
Black & Gold Heavy Duty Bucket 9lt
$2.00 each
Black & Gold Sponge Mop Refill
$5.00 each
Black & Gold Spray Trigger 1lt
$3.00 each
Black & Gold Spray Trigger 500ml
$2.00 each
Chux Dish Scrubber 1pk
$5.89 each
Chux DishWand Non-Scratch Refills 3pk
$6.39 each $2.13 each
Chux Non-Scratch DishWand with Replaceable Scourer 1pk
$5.39 each
Dishmatic Extra Heavy Duty Refills 3pk
$6.69 each $2.23 each
Dishmatic Refill Heavy Duty 3pk
$6.69 each $2.23 each
Matpro Esteem Mat Assorted Colours
$10.89 each
Oates Extra Large Anti-Bacterial Mop Head
$12.69 each
Oates Multi-Fit Squeeze Mop Refill
$13.29 each
Oates Multi-Purpose Extra Wide Bucket 12lt
was $17.29 $14.02 each
Oates Multifit Broom Handle
$6.29 each
Oates Scrubbing Brush with Handle
$9.15 each
Oates Softgrip Electrostatic Duster
$5.29 each
Oates Softgrip Window Squeegee
$4.29 each
Oates Toilet Tidy Set
$6.15 each
Pine O Cleen Gold Washing Machine Cleaner 7in1 Gold Forest Breeze 250ml 250ml
$10.69 each $4.28 per 100ml
Sabco Domed Cobweb Broom | 1 Each
$15.99 each
Sabco Window Washer Dual Angle
$17.29 each
Supermocio Soft Refill
$11.69 each
Vileda Grout & Tile Brush
$5.49 each
Vileda Super Micro Fibre Mop Refill
$14.89 each
Vileda SuperMocio Bucket & Wringer
$23.99 each
Vileda Supermocio Soft Mop
$13.89 each
Vileda SuperMocio with Handle
$23.99 each
Vileda Sweep Master Broom
$12.89 each
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